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Japanese Eevee heroes! Wait what??

After 3 months of waiting, hyping and spoilers we are now faced with a very sad and frustrating situation. Suppliers are not shipping Eevee heroes out of Japan at the negotiated order price and quantity. In fact, they are not shipping out any at all.

What is happening?

-Most Japanese suppliers refused to ship the boxes outside of Japan, and have even stopped taking orders for reprints in the future.
Why is this happening?
-An educated guess: Secondary market price for Eevee heroes has been very high many weeks prior to official release, giving large suppliers copious amounts of time to pre-sell them direct to consumers. They also have limited supply of product to sell.
-also local demand in Japan for this set is strong too (players, flippers), so they must first cater to their local market. Undoubtedly many living in Japan will buy extra product from their LGS and pokemon centre to flip on eBay.

What to expect for future sets?
There will be no pre-orders for Japanese product starting from the next set. This is to avoid disappointing you. Unfortunately that also means early bird pre-order pricing cannot be provided. The next Japanese set features Rayquaza and is also in high demand. I urge you to place pre-orders with vendors you trust. This exact situation may repeat itself.

Fortunately Eevee heroes is a normal booster box set. This means it will be in print for 2 years for competitive play, and The Pokemon Company that manages the Japanese print runs typically prints to demand, to cater to the local crowd. So we all have 2 years of reprints to look forward to! Just need to be patient :)
The Pokemon Centre box featuring promo card Espeon is a limited print product, so it will not be printed to demand. It will likely have 2 print runs, like the Kanazawa Pikachu Pokemon Centre box. Those print runs were not big either. Unfortunately Card Journeys has no stock of these products.

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