Silver Lance and Jet-Black Poltergeist / Spirit Release Info

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Release Schedule (waves)

This set is dual set, designated code S6K and S6H. There appears to be a trend of more dual set releases for Japanese Pokemon cards, likely to boost revenues while the market is hot and can absorb the product. 

More importantly is regarding the distribution and allocations. Product has been allocated from suppliers, and for the first time since Card Journeys has been in operation, this Japanese release will be released in two waves. 

The official release date is 23 of April, which is the first wave of product arrivals. Suppliers have informed us that the second wave arrives 30th of April. It is unsure how a one week delay helps increase supply, but it is likely to do with logistics and I suspect, more product retention in Japan as they try to cater to the local market first. If they are thinking of "taking care of their own" local market first, to ensure local Japanese players have enough cards to play and collect, I think this is very healthy. However it does mean the allocations game will continue to be played just like the English Pokemon releases from distributors.

Expect this to be the case for the next 6 months as Covid-19 related supply chain issues still remain, and as market demand remains high.


Promo cards


The highly sought after Celebi V and Sandaconda V promo cards are exclusive to vendors in Japan. The buy-a-box promo packs that come with the first wave are usually provided by our suppliers but not this time. This 

likely due to the high pre-sales market value of the cards, as the Celebi is worth more than the booster box on initial release.

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