FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Customs, Duties and Taxes

These are the customer's responsibility. The customs, duties and taxes vary from country to country. 


All sales are final, including pre-orders. No refunds. If there is any dispute, the decision by Card Journeys is final.

What is the currency being charged?

The price should show your local currency, if it does not, please select the currency converter in the menu above. Currency may default to Hong Kong Dollars $HKD. On the checkout page before paying, it will show the currency being charged. Mobile users -You may need to press the down arrow " \/ " beside the price to show the currency.

How much is shipping?

    • Standard Shipping (Hong Kong Post): Price shown at checkout.
    • Expedited Shipping (SF Express / FEDEX / DHL): Prices shown at checkout.

How long is shipping?

  • Standard Shipping (Hong Kong Post): 7-14 business days,
  • Expedited Shipping (DHL / SF Express): 3-10 business days

Some delays may occur for ALL METHODS OF SHIPMENT due to COVID-19. If longer wait times is an issue, please consider expedited shipping.

Are the products authentic?

Yes they are all official genuine products, from distributors and suppliers.

Will product be allocated? What happens if there is not enough stock for my pre-order?

In the current climate, all Pokemon product (and some MTG product) is subject to allocations from suppliers and distributors. If you placed a pre-order and allocations are heavy, such that there is not enough product to fulfil your order, 2 options are available:

1) If product comes in waves, you have to option to keep your order for the next wave

2) Receive a refund for the product(s) that could not be shipped to you. For example, you pre-order 3 booster boxes, and we only have stock to ship 2 to you, then 1 will be refunded on your request.

We take your orders seriously. You trust us to send you cards and we do our best. You can purchase with peace of mind with us.

My order has a mix of pre-order items, and currently in-stock items, when will it ship?

The product will be shipped together when the pre-order item comes into stock on its release date. Shipping fee is charged per shipment/package.

Why do product prices change? USD / GBP / CAD / AUD

The products are listed with HKD prices, this is then converted to USD / GBP / CAD / AUD as selected in the currency converter. Since the currency rates fluctuate every day, the foreign currency value displayed may differ slightly from day to day for each product listed. The base price in HKD does not change. 

Discount codes do not work, do I still check out?

Yes it is fine, please leave a message to mention which product codes don't work and we will get it fixed. You will still get the freebies.  

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card via Shopify Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal. Credit cards include Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Does the website store my credit card details?

No. All payment information is handled by the payment gateways. If you save any credit card information for future use, we cannot see that information. 

Is the website safe? 

Yes, we take online security very seriously. The website has standard safety protocols put in place. All payment details is handled by the third party payment providers that further protect your information.

What is Preorder?

It is when you place your order with us before the release date of the product. You pay first in full, and on and after the official product release date, the product will be shipped to you.

Preorder quantity shows 0 but I can still buy it, is this ok?

Yes! This is normal. We can increase our order from our distributor prior to release date.

The item I want is sold out! Help!

Thats ok! Send us a message, on FB, IG (CardJourneys) or Whatsapp and we will restock.

Where are you based in?

Based out of Hong Kong!