Sky Legend Japanese Pokemon Booster Box SM10b

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Buy Sky Legend Japanese Pokemon Booster Box Pokemon SM10b

1 factory sealed booster box, with 30 packs

1 pack has 5 cards (randomised cards)

Language: Japanese

Release: April 26th 2019

"Sky Legend (Japanese: 強化拡張パック スカイレジェンド Strength Expansion Pack Sky Legend) is the name given to the sixteenth Japanese subset released during the Sun & Moon Era of the Pokémon Trading Card Game and the second to be considered as an enhancement of the tenth main expansion, Double Blaze. The subset adds more of the newly introduced Tag Team Pokémon-GX to the TCG.

The subset introduces Z-Crystals to the TCG as Pokémon Tool cards which give a GX attack to a Pokémon provided it has a specific attack.

The set debuts the first Tag Team card that combines three Pokémon, in this case, the Legendary birdsArticunoZapdos and Moltres." -bulbapedia

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