Bundle: Japanese Pokemon Booster Packs

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Bundle: Japanese Pokemon Booster Packs

Buy this awesome bundle of 12 Japanese Pokemon booster packs from the end of Sun and Moon era to Sword and Shield. It covers many sets. Excellent start to a booster pack collection featuring amazing artwork on Japanese booster packs.

One of each Japanese pack featured in the photo is included

SM8  Lost Thunder (Japanese: 超爆インパクト Super-Burst Impact)

SM9b Full Metal Wall (Japanese: 強化拡張パック フルメタルウォール Strength Expansion Pack Full Metal Wall)

SM10b Sky Legend (Japanese: 強化拡張パック スカイレジェンド Strength Expansion Pack Sky Legend)

SM11 Unified Minds (Japanese: ミラクルツイン Miracle Twin)

SM11a Remix Bout (Japanese: 強化拡張パック リミックスバウト Strength Expansion Pack: Remix Bout)

SM11b Dream League (Japanese: 強化拡張パック ドリームリーグ Strength Expansion Pack: Dream League)

SM12 Cosmic Eclipse (Japanese: オルタージェネシス Alter Genesis)

SM12a Tag All Stars (Japanese: ハイクラスパック TAG TEAM GXタッグオールスターズ High Class Pack: TAG TEAM GX: Tag All Stars)

S1a VMAX Rising (Japanese: 強化拡張パック VMAXライジング Strength Expansion Pack: VMAX Rising)

S2a Explosive Walker (Japanese: 強化拡張パック 爆炎ウォーカー Strength Expansion Pack: Explosive Walker)

S3 Darkness Ablaze (Japanese: ムゲンゾーン Infinity Zone)

S3a Legendary Heartbeat (Japanese: 強化拡張パック 伝説の鼓動 Strength Expansion Pack: Legendary Heartbeat)

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