About Us

Hey there!

My name is Bryan and I am the founder of Card Journeys. Myself and a few other collectors are a group of Pokemon card collectors that started off collecting since 2009. Back then shadowless pokemon cards were just being realized in the market, and first edition base set booster box sealed was sold for only $900 USD!

Fast forward 11 years later and our collections have grown. After many conversations we realized that we all had issues buying Japanese cards -modern and vintage alike. Issues we had in common were -customer service from eBay sellers, shipping time, shipping costs and most importantly, the lack of trust.

We set on the journey to become that reliable friendly neighbourhood cardshop, just online and with a very global reach! So whatever it may be that we can do to help make this become your go-to card shop, please let us know! Reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook, email (info@cardjourneys.com) or Whatsapp ! If there is some new card product you want, ask if we can have it stocked! We promise to do our best.

Enjoy your time shopping here and happy collecting! 

Card Journeys, 2020