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Eevee Heroes S6a Chinese release… oops!

 chinese eevee heroes s6a booster boxchinese eevee heroes s6a booster pack

The official release is 11 June 2021! Of course lots of shops in Hong Kong pre-ordered these and pre-sold them to customers. And now they’re facing the same issues as the Japanese side -no product! There are a lot of disgruntled shop owners and customers, but most are not bold enough to complain to their main distributor. The rumour on the street is the distributor sold all the product to buyers in mainland China at a higher price. Fortunately no customers with Card Journeys was impacted

There is a rise of collectors in China as well, just like the rest of the world.

The Chinese sets follow the Japanese ones and is manufactured in Japan. There are regional competitions held in Hong Kong, and the next one is on the 27th of June. Unsurprisingly, many players have taken to Facebook to vent their anger for not having access to cards to play with in the tournament.

It is evident Pokemon wants to expand its market to Asia with the release of Thai, Indonesian, Korean and Chinese cards. The competition infrastructure still leaves a lot to be desired to cultivate a strong competitive or player community. Of particular mention is that much has changed since 2020 when Hong Kong officially changed competitive play from English cards to playing Chinese cards. This meant different product release dates and different metas. It fragmented the market further as there are three languages for players to choose to buy from locally: English, Japanese and Chinese. This is a unique problem only pertaining to Hong Kong.

Chinese Pokemon demand is typically not as high compared to its English and Japanese versions. However certain Chinese cards still command a decent price, like the Lillie card #202 from AC2B (which looks like the Japanese Extra Battle Day promo card). Will this mark the gradual rise of Chinese Pokemon cards in the ultra modern era? Or is this just a one time wonder for the miracle set -Eevee heroes? Time will tell. Perhaps it is a good idea to hedge your bets now by buying a couple Chinese booster boxes or desired Chinese cards.

Chinese print runs are still in its early days, as it was first printed around late 2019. These is not much history to go by to understand the print runs. However it appears product have 1, maybe 2 print runs and is out of print. The set Dreams Come True AC2B was released Dec 20, 2019 and is out of print now. Prices for this specific set have nearly tripled.

Hope to bring you more value in the next news update. Stay tuned. 

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