Mitsuhiro Arita Old Variant Auto Pikachu No Rarity NR Japanese Base Set BGS 7.5

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Mitsuhiro Arita Old Variant Auto Pikachu Japanese Base Set No Rarity NR BGS 7.5

Set: Japanese Base Set, No Rarity


This is the exact card you will receive. BGS 7.5 authenticated and graded auto of Mitsuhiro Arita, on the first ever printed Pikachu TCG card -Japanese No rarity!

This is a non-personalized auto, with the pikachu artwork. Only older autos don’t have the personalization.

The signature is artist Mitsuhiro Arita’s older variant. Key points of difference are his “A”s and the “RO”. The last photo shows a separate artwork piece dated 2017, with the same style signature. I have no affiliation with that seller. It is shown for information purposes only. Mitsuhiro Arita no longer signs cards with this style of signature, making it even rarer on an iconic NR Pikachu!

PSA pop report has 5 autos at grade 7 and higher only. BGS does not have a separate auto pop report. BGS NR pikachu graded 7.5 and higher is also in single digits. I do not have the data, but some autos maybe newer with name personalization and a newer version of Mitsuhiro Arita’s signature.

A true gem of an auto.

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Happy collecting! 

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