Purchase Progress Bar for Freebies

The more you buy the more freebies you get!

Those booster packs bonuses are unlocked at each price point, and they are the total number of free booster packs you will get (therefore not cumulative).

Purchases over $450 USD will get even more freebies!

In the checkout page you can write down your preference for what booster packs you want. What packs you get will ultimately depend on what is available at the time.

If the product codes do not work, you will still get the freebies as long as your purchase qualifies! Please leave a message in the checkout process regarding which codes did not work.

These are promotions, and as such may be amended in the future. We will make effort to communicate this beforehand!

Discount codes 

 Requirements Reward Expiry Code
  1. Subscribe account on Card Journeys
  2. Purchase of $150 USD or more

    (equivalent to $1162.44 HKD, our base currency)



    $5 USD off the order


    2359, 8 July 2020












    Purchase over $120



    Free Standard International Shipping



    31 July 2020



    no code, selected on checkout 



    Purchase over $200



    free packs, below $4.5 USD in value



    31 July 2020






    Purchase over $300





    A total of 5 free packs, each below $4.0 USD in value. 



    31 July 2020












    Purchase over $450



    Surprise! ;)



    31 July 2020



    no code required




    *All prices in USD unless otherwise stated

    Discount Codes applied on checkout

    If your purchase qualifies for the above discounts, it will be available to be selected on the checkout page, prior to paying for the order. Free shipping is also selected there.

    Customers can only select one discount code per purchase. We will give the rewards as long as your purchase qualifies.

    Discount code expiry

    If discount codes no longer work they have expired. The table above shows the expiry dates

    Eligible Items

    Nearly all products count towards this bonus, the only exceptions are Bundled products. They will already be discounted or have many bonuses added to them.

    In-eligible items

    Please do no input the discount codes for the below items. They will be ignored and causes issues with the inventory. 

    1. Bundled products (i.e product listings with multiple booster boxes. The listing explicitly says it is a bundle)

    2. PSA graded cards


    We hope this makes your shopping experience even more fun!