EX Team Rocket Returns starter deck sealed case: Jessie and James

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EX Team Rocket Returns starter deck case: Jessie and James. Factory sealed CASE.

Quantity: 1 sealed Case. Includes 8 theme decks, 4 Jessie, 4 James.

Original Release Date: November 8th 2004

Language: English

First and original owner, purchased from a distributor many years ago.

Own a piece of history! Sealed cases of this are very hard to find. Especially in this condition! 


The EX: Team Rocket Returns set is the seventh third generation set. This set focuses upon the evil team of the games FireRed & LeafGreen; Team Rocket. Like the original Team Rocket set, this set features Dark Pokémon. These Pokémon are evolutions of normal Pokémon and signify Team Rocket's evil doings. Unlike in that set, these Dark Pokémon feature dual-types. In addition to this, it also features Pokémon owned by Rocket.

This set brought in several new card types. First is Owner's Pokémon ex. These Pokémon are all pure Dark Type and also feature the first Pokémon ex which evolves from another Pokémon ex. It also introduced Pokémon Star. These Pokémon are similar to the Shining Pokémon introduced in Neo Revelation. These are based upon the alternate coloured Pokémon from the games. They are the first cards which introduced artwork which overlapped the artwork windo of the cards.

Source: serebii.net

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