Base Set Pokemon Booster Box Japanese No Bottom Print Version

Base Set Pokemon Booster Box Japanese No Bottom Print Version

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Base Set Pokemon Booster Box Japanese No Bottom Print Version

Factory sealed Japanese base set Pokemon booster box. It is mainly for display in this online shop for brownie points, as it comes from the personal collection of the owner.

It may be marked as sold out but is actually in stock.

If you are a serious buyer, please contact us. The deal will be in person, I can fly to you or vice versa.


There are two variants, one has “For sale in Japan Only” printed on the bottom, and one does not (ie blank on the bottom, also known as No Bottom Print). The latter is far more rare and has a chance for No Rarity cards.

I, the business owner have both versions. The potential No Rarity version is a Mint condition box, a beautiful piece especially for a sealed collector. It is the box you see in the photos. This price is for the blank bottom box.

For reference, Logan Paul was buying first edition base set booster boxes (ENG) for around $600-650K USD a few years back. The blank bottom Japanese base booster box may be more rare. @LoganPaul if you decide to jump over and collect Japanese Pokemon, reach out to me for this box :)

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